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B2B Logistik - As easy as online shopping

Make bookings in real time

Use the DIZZBO algorithm on our online platform to book partial and full cargo loads on transporting trucks.

100% digital and safe

From online booking to invoicing – all digital, all via DIZZBO – the digital freight forwarder.

Attractive prices

Easy, fast and efficient, use free load capacities at DIZZBO – and save time and money.

From logistics professionals – for logistics professionals


^pickup within 180 minutes.

upto 10 pallets and 1.200 kg:

pickup within
180 minutes.


Abholung innerhalb 180 Minuten.

upto 25 pallets:

use free truck capacities online.

Full Truck Load

Abholung innerhalb 180 Minuten.

upto 34 pallets:

ship at
attracitve prices.


For senders
Send direct shipments fast. 

  • Attractive prices with the usage of free loading areas and digital processing
  • Processing guarantee: Get a custom offer with just a few clicks
  • Safe all-round: DIZZBO is a liable contracting partner for the entire transport order
  • Transparent price model: No more bargaining, simply select the right offer
  • 100% digital workflow, from booking to order archiving

For transporters
Simply market your free capacities. 

  • Announce load capacities and get additional orders for your trucks
  • DIZZBO is looking for the right cargo for your trucks
  • Transparent price model: No more bargaining, simply get the right cargo or make a selection using the webtool
  • 100% digital workflow, from receiving the order to invoicing and order archiving
  • DIZZBO is completely free of charge for you: No contractual obligation, no fees, no risk

Versender - immer gute Angebote
Schnell Teilladungen versenden.

  • In Echtzeit, wenn es mal dringend ist Bequem, ohne lästige Quotes wenn es mal dringend
  • In Echtzeit, wenn es mal dringend ist Bequem, ohne lästige Quotes wenn es mal dringend
  • In Echtzeit, wenn es mal dringend ist Bequem, ohne lästige Quotes wenn es mal dringend
  • In Echtzeit, wenn es mal dringend ist Bequem, ohne lästige Quotes wenn es mal dringend

100% Digitaler Workflow
von der Buchung bis zum Auftragsarchiv

How does it works?

We are revolutionising the market for truck freight by bringing senders and transporters together – completely digital and in real time using the one-of-a-kind DIZZBO algorithm on our online platform. Across national borders. It’s easy to commission an order and just takes a few clicks. Document processing is 100% digital. No telephoning. No e-mails. No bargaining. The complete transport transaction is performed in our webtool. This is how easy and user-friendly logistics can be.


B2B logistics - As easy as online shopping. DIZZBO has devoted itself to this motto. With just a few clicks you can send your cargo direct - easily and transparently. Enter the shipment data into the system and we will find the available truck including the price in seconds. As the liable contracting partner, DIZZBO takes care of everything else. After the booking, the status progress of your shipment can be viewed in the system at any time. So you are always up-to-date. Everything is 100% digital – from the assignment and the delivery receipt, to the invoice.


Do you want to increase your sales on routes and your profitability? Do you want as little overhead as possible and completely paper-free transactions? The DIZZBO is right for you. If a section of your truck is available, your driver can announce it using the DIZZBO app, or you can do it yourself using the webtool. DIZZBO takes care of the rest. In addition to your freight price, the driver gets a premium for each transacted partial load from DIZZBO - as motivation. In addition, you can accept partial and complete loads via the DIZZBO webtool – completely free of charge.

You know how it is sometimes: After loading up you notice there is still loading space available. Announce the number of free spaces in the DIZZBO app and earn up to 50 € for each additional order as a bonus (applies to partial loads of up to 20 spaces). Watch the video for more information.


"Thanks to its flexibility and quality, DIZZBO is the optimal transport partner for us." The competent and friendly customer service team is extremely committed and the transports are handled perfectly. "In addition, we were able to significantly reduce our transport costs through cooperation."

Ulrike Schmidt
Purchase manager logistics

The simple booking option at reasonable prices has convinced us. I can quickly place orders on the go and save a lot of time. The transport process has always worked flawlessly and on time.“

Johannes Greindl
Head of Supply Chain Management

Wie funktioniert das?

DIZZBO bringt Frachtraum und Ladungen mit dem einzigartigen DIZZBO-Algorithmus in Sekundenschnelle zusammen. Und das über Ländergrenzen hinweg. Die Beauftragung erfolgt ganz unkompliziert mit wenigen Klicks. Die Belegabwicklung ist zu 100% digital. Kein Telefonieren. Keine E-Mails. Kein Feilschen. Die komplette Transportabwicklung findet in unserem Webtool statt. So einfach und anwenderfreundlich kann Logistik sein.








From logistics professionals – for logistics professionals

Peter and Robert have spent their entire professional lives in the logistics sector. During this time, they were challenged by one key question: How can you prevent trips with unused capacities – not only are they economically inefficient, but the superfluous CO2-consumption also damages the environment. For two years, the two of them virtually put every free minute of their time into the development of the basic idea: A platform where you can book additional cargo loads onto transporting trucks in real time. DIZZBO was born. DIZZBO has been online since March 2019, helping senders and freight forwards save time, money and CO2.


Mag. Robert Köbrunner (GF)
20 years of logistics expertise


Peter Baumgartlinger (GF)
25 years of logistics expertise

Your registration

Do you have any other questions?

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions:

As the sender, you conveniently and easily assign your cargo via the webtool (up to 34 spaces). The search operation is performed in real time via an algorithm. All available truck capacities are checked on the platform, and the sender makes the final selection from a list of suitable trucks. The transaction is 100% digital, all documents are saved in the archive and can be retrieved at any time. As the executing freight forwarder, DIZZBO is liable in accordance with ADSP and CMR law.

We are convinced that everyone involved in the transport chain is an important component therefore everyone should also profit when transactions are efficiently processed. At DIZZBO, the driver is rewarded with a bonus for his dedicated service. The transporter increases his profitability through better utilisation of the trucks on existing routes, and the sender gets a simple, transparent booking opportunity at affordable prices. Incidentally, the environment is also unburdened from excess CO2 because the existing transport capacities are utilised better.

DIZZBO is the right choice for every sender (client) who wants to send cargo, and every transporter who wants to improve capacity utilisation.

We are currently focusing on the following countries

  • Germany national
  • Germany - Austria (vice versa)
  • Austria national
  • Austria - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia (all countries vice versa)

We guarantee 100% processing of your orders, even if there is no truck available in the direct vicinity.

(Islands are exempted.)

If you have questions and/or would like to give us your feedback, you can reach us in the chat or also by e-mail at info@dizzbo.com. Our Customer Service Team is available Monday – Friday between 8:00 and 17:00.

The price is calculated from the space requirement for the route, the cargo, extra costs for the detour and for the time. Since these factors are different for every transport there is no fixed price. The price is always calculated individually depending on where the truck is at that moment, where the shipment is being picked up, and where the shipment is being transported to.

Yes, if applicable, a fixed price can be arranged with us for transports that occur on a regular basis. The assignment can still simply be made in the webtool through individual order templates. For this purpose, please send your order to support@dizzbo.com.

The webtool for senders and transporters is in English. The DIZZBO app for drivers is currently available in German, English, Romanian, Czech/Slovakian, Croatian, Bulgarian (for example, if the system language is set to Romanian on a smartphone, the app is automatically displayed in this language).

All documents (invoice, credit note, delivery documents) are automatically generated for the recipient with the most recent signature and filed in the archive. We are certain that efficient operation in the freight forwarding industry only functions in paper-free form.

The mobile Dizzbo app and the webtools are free of charge. There is no contractual obligation, minimum order or the like.

To register, simply go to www.dizzbo.com and click on "Register". As soon as your registration data has been verified you will get an e-mail with all further information.

Each registration is carefully checked by us. At DIZZBO, safety is a top priority. In a further step, we perform an evaluation process in order to increase transparency for everyone involved.

As the executing freight forwarder, DIZZBO is liable in accordance with ADSP and CMR law. All transporters have a required EU licence and valid transport insurance. If damage occurs, DIZZBO will take care of everything for you. In addition, transport insurance can be concluded when you book so that the goods are insured up to their full value.


All loads and transport capacities that are booked on DIZZBO are binding. Cancellations are only possible in exceptional cases and after written consultation with DIZZBO.

DIZZBO is a digital logistics provider and currently employs over 10 employees with a lot of know-how in the logistics sector. We are enjoying strong growth and are excited about the very positive response from our customers and freight partners.

Ideally the web tools should be used with Firefox, Safari or Chrome browsers - the displays are optimised here and you can enjoy optimum usage of the tools.

The mobile DIZZBO app can either be used on lot or Android devices. The app is available in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store. If an account from either provider is not activated on the mobile phone, it is also possible to download the app onto a mobile phone via apk Link at https://app.dizzbo.net/misc/app/android/.



The software is optimised so that data consumption is very minimal on smartphones.

If your question is not amongst them, then please send us a message to info@dizzbo.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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